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Technical Projects


Excellence in SAP Technical Projects

Certified Migrations

Are you looking for ways to lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your SAP system?  Have you lost a key staff member that was the sole knowledge base for your current SAP Landscape & Operating System? Are you paying high prices for database consulting?  Group Basis can deliver strategies that can help you lower your TCO.

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Hardware Migrations

Is your hardware environment nearing end of life?  Has your hardware vendor told you that there is no further upgrade paths for storage or memory in your hardware?  This is the case for many SAP client environments.  Group Basis can assess, architect, and deliver first class hardware environments.

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The Group Basis team of experienced consultants participated in some of the first ECC 6.0 upgrades in North America.  Our upgrade strategies utilize PMI certified project management disciplines and leverage past project plannning experience to provide you with a rapid, fixed-bid, flexible roadmap. Group Basis will deliver success.

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Our team has done hundreds of installs and implementations in over a decade. Beginning with the 3.1 series of SAP, and progressing to the ECC technologies, our experienced Group Basis team will implement and optimize your systems.  Our team has a solid foundation of the best practices derived from decades of shared experience.  Group Basis will ensure that your team gets your systems delivered on time and on budget.

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SAP Virtualization

Virtualization provides benefits to organizations through lower cost of SAP operations. With less to license, support and maintain, IT operations are optimized. Virtualization also enables faster response to business demands for solution deployment. Group Basis can help you support a virtualized environment.


For more information on how Group Basis can help you reduce IT costs, Contact us or call us at 877-830-0421.